Women’s Bracelets Buying Tips That Will Rock Your World

Beautiful and elegant wrist can be emphasized and distinguished with gold bracelets. Bracelets for Women can be made of precious metals, wood, leather, ivory, colored threads, ribbons, as well as a variety of other materials.

This is a smart jewelry for a man and a woman of any age, while searching for which most of us have to face the difficult question, how to choose according to your personality. Choose jewelry to suit your wrist thickness, size, nature of the event, and the time of year.

Choose a bracelet in size.

Finding the required length of jewelry is quite simple. Measure your brush with a tape measure, while adding a few sentences to the value obtained. This will be the size you need. If you don’t have a centimeter at hand, wrap your wrist with a simple thread, like a wrapped bracelet or bangle, and then measure it with a ruler. Usually bracelet size in many stores they range from 120-220 millimeters. The width of the jewelry depends on its design. The thickness of the product must be selected in relation to the thickness of its own wrist. Thus, on the thin elegant hand the same decoration will look great. For medium and small sizes you can choose a bracelet of any style and look. For a large wrist fit massive bracelet with precious stones. The size of the jewelry is measured in centimeters.

Looks great wide massive bracelets:

Such creative jewelry should be chosen with care so that you do not break the stable blood circulation. Try on this bracelet, walk in it for a few minutes, and understand for yourself, can you wear it for several days, months, years? It is also necessary to take into account that the wider the bracelet, the greater should be its length. For example, if you usually wear a bracelet 18 cm long, buying a multi-row bracelet made from pearls or natural stones, note that 18 centimeters will not be enough. A wide bracelet will sit awkward if you take it size to size. It is necessary to choose a decoration of greater length, if its width is large enough.

Choose a bracelet for the situation.

Exclusive diamond jewelry is suitable for an elegant evening dress on the occasion of any event. It will also look good massive chain, on top of which will be dressed several other products, but not so large. In this case, as a main bracelet watch with platinum or gold case. But in summer you can wear elegant chains, over which extravagant bracelets made of wood or plastic will be worn.

Massive, large bracelets from a variety of mother-of-pearl beads with chains are a bright and juicy accessory, appropriate in summer with clothes of almost any style from classic to military, you just need to correctly identify and choose its color. Large natural stones in such bracelets fascinate. For example, a bracelet with lilac amethysts, yellow citrines, green chrysoprase, red corals, black agate. You can pick up the jewelry for clothes of almost any shade. Large jewelry combines well with casual clothing with a fairly loose fit. Jewelry is also relevant on the beach, but we do not recommend bathing in them: sea water can harm pearls, mother of pearl, and coral, not to mention other natural materials.

According to surveys, secondarily, men pay attention to the hands of a woman immediately after they have considered the color of her eyes and this is where the bracelets will help you. The old name of the bracelet is the wrist. The wrist was called the back of the palm or the hoop. And the wide bracelets that fixed the sleeves of clothing were called cuffs.

From this article, you will learn what bracelets are, what to wear them with and what you don’t have at all, and how to determine the size of your wrists in your girth, if you can’t wait to choose one of this amazing jewelry Salon in 5 minutes of reading the article does not reach.

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Bracelet Types

The main division of both women’s and men’s products is into bracelets of soft and hard form.

Types of hard bracelets

The bracelet, like those seen in, in the form of an open ring is distinguished by the absence of a clasp. It is usually made of rigid material, precious metal like gold, silver, etc. Of the obvious advantages are the universal size and, if the design of the jewelry is rather concise, successful compatibility with almost any kind of jewelry. A snake bracelet has a more complex structure: it can be springy or have a spiral shape.

The rim bracelet is a product in the form of a closed ring that does not have clasps. The hand is simply threaded into it. The disadvantage of this decoration is that, having mistaken the calculation and choosing a product two sizes larger, you can easily lose it, not the recommended type of bracelet you use in travels.

Types of soft bracelets

Chain bracelets are perhaps the most popular. In fact, it was reported that this is the kind of bracelet singers like Aguilera loved. The width and design of the chains vary, elegant thin, with classic or original weaving large links, geometric shapes, or elegant and luxurious wide. The chain bracelet is often decorated with various pendants they can be both constituent elements of the decoration and changing or removable. The charms that are popular today can be either fixed on the bracelet or strung on it like beads.

Glider bracelet makes up the individual elements gliders among themselves they are connected by miniature hinges or elastic springs. Bracelets with inserts for example, decorative elements made of precious metal as in the collection of ready-made gifts or inlaid with stones.

Watch bracelets are replaceable metal straps that are attached to the watch case and serve as an additional stylish accessory in the image. Slave bracelets are connected to the ring through one or more chains.