How to Select the Usual Options for the Animal Print Onesies

At the risk of ending up with a whole bunch of animal print Onesies that your child will never wear, it’s important to choose baby animal print Onesies with care. Which size should I choose? We give you all the necessary information so you do not go wrong with your purchases. As a bonus, some tips for choosing animal print Onesies.

Generally, small animal print Onesies are the first things that expectant mothers buy during pregnancy. It’s true that it’s cute all these little miniature animal print Onesies! Even if you do not know the sex of your child yet, you can start filling his wardrobe. Bodies, pajamas, pants, overalls,. Here is a small recap of the essential animal print Onesies for baby. These tips equally apply when you opt to giving onesie in baby showers.

The bodies

Great basic layette, it must be 100% cotton and fully open in front for not having to put it by the head and do not handle too baby (newborns do not like to be stuck). Long sleeve or short sleeve depending on the season.

There are some that close by pressure or links.

Quantity to be expected: about 10 up to 3 months, and at least 7 from 6 months.

Baby pajamas

Light or thick depending on the season, they must also be easy to put on. So prefer those that open fully in front or those with pressure on the back and legs.

Quantity to expect: at least 7


Here again, the basic rule is: comfort! Choose the soft materials in which baby will feel good. For jeans, choose loose fit, stretch, and elastic waist (but jeans are clearly not required for babies)

The heights

Plan a mix of short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts that open, if possible, fully in front of or behind. For the winter make a stock of vests rather than pullovers that slip through the head. Choose soft and slightly stretchy materials, and easy-care fabrics (machine washable).

Quantity to predict: a dozen small tops and 4 or 5 vests.

Baby animal print Onesies for the outdoors

In winter, if you go out a lot with baby, nothing beats the good old combi driver who opens fully in front and in which he will be well wrapped. In mid-season, plan a small, comfortable jacket. In summer, a cotton vest should suffice.

Also think of the cap and mittens (held together by a link slipped into the sleeves of the suit).

Quantity to expect: Ideally 2 outfits for each season.

Good to know: When you dress a toddler, you should put it in general a garment (a thickness) more than for oneself because it does not move and can therefore cool very quickly.

Baby shoes

For babies who do not know how to walk, there’s no point in putting real shoes on them. Prefer small, soft shoes or simple socks. Choose them with a large opening to easily slide the feet of your toddler.

Quantity to expect 2 pairs.

The bibs

For the first few months, take those scratch lined plastic, which are easier to clean. Later, when the baby pulls on it to take it off, buy some that slip on their head, even bibs-aprons to protect their sleeves.

How to choose baby animal print Onesies?

The bodies

The body is the underwear of a baby. It is essential to always wear a bodysuit before putting on pajamas for baby’s comfort.

During the first months of your baby’s life, prefer crossed bodysuits that open in front, this will prevent you from handling the fragile neck of your child. A little baby hates being put on a coat by the head.

When it’s bigger, you can opt for the bodysuits that slip through your head.


Pajamas also called sleep-goods, are often velvet to keep the baby warm. Up to 6 months, prefer them in one part.

Pants are not recommended until the age of 6 months because they often compress the baby’s belly.

There are pajamas that open with snaps on the entire length of the body. Practical for some, this type of model allows, however, to pass a little air on the side of the leg where the snaps are, which can be annoying for your baby when it is cold. To have more choices of these outfits, you better consider stocking onesies in your closet.

Moreover, it is a bit tedious to hand one by one all the snaps. Pajamas with a 3 button closure at the waist at the back are often more practical.

The combinations

When you go out with your child and it’s cold, protect him with a suit. It must be made of a soft material and padded for comfort and maintenance of heat. That’s why owning a winter onesie is very advantageous. You should already know by now how to preserve winter beauty through onesies.

Check for hood and removable feet. Mittens are often included. The suit should be practical and easy to put on.

Sizes and brands

As for adults, brands, even for the same stature, cut differently. Here’s a little review of my tests, depending on the size in cm, and not the age mentioned, which may vary … I tried to rank according to the price ranges.

  • H & M : size rather large, well refer to the stature The bodys are of a super quality, pajamas and socks (who hold!) Also. In addition the prices are reasonable, I recommend.
  • C & A : correct size, good quality. Animal print Onesies, jeans, pants, dresses are good too.
  • DPAM : Depending on the model, it can cut differently (it must depend on the factory that manufactured the garment). I only buy underpants with a cotton turtleneck at home. The tights are huge, and the bodies of poor quality. I did not test other parts.
  • Coop : for newborns the naturaline range is great. There is less choice for the older ones. Size rather correct.
  • Manor “Campus” : the bodys are narrow with very long sleeves, but the length is correct. They make basic animal print Onesies good value for money
  • Okaidi : correct size, the arms are quickly short. Good quality and original models. They have basic pieces that are good: leggings, under sweaters (but avoid those too “stretch”)
  • Cadet Rousselle (at Manor): pantyhose cut small, the rest, rely on the size in age on the garment and not the size in cm indicated by the label Manor which actually displays the size of the top … Good quality, of very good pajamas.
  • Small boat : rather narrow size, with washable diapers one is more comfortable with a size above. The arms are not very long, otherwise very good quality. Very good pajamas.
  • Catimini : correct size
  • IKKS : correct size, but the arms are short

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